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Gadgets like smart phones, tablets, Bluetooth speakers, digital cameras etc. are now part of modern day life style and for most people, they are must haves. While these gadgets have made the life comfortable and enjoyable, the problem is to keep them charged all the time. Power Wallet 20, the 20000 mAh power bank, user can recharge multiple of the above devices multiple times and on the go without the need to look for the power sockets. Power Wallet 20 is elegant, relatively slim and pocket sized, universal power bank which has LED indicators to show power charge status.


Brand: Portronics
Model: Power Wallet 20
Capacity : 20,000mAh
Sleek and compact 8+ In-Built Protection for short circuit, over charging and voltage fluctuations
Battery Type : Li-Polymer Battery
Input : DC 5.0V/ 2.1A
Total Output : DC 5.0V/ 3.4A(With Smart IC Control)
Warranty: 1 year manufacturer warranty
Note: Colour depends only on stock availability